1. Fire.


  2. Move that Dope meets Gleam.

  3. SPLASH video by @dolphinhood

    Animation & production by @gradywoodruff

    Raps by me & @freddsdead

    Instagram video edit by @djmikenasty

  4. All nighters make early morning foods even better.

    @freddsdead @namelesstheartist guess we gonna have to come back

  5. Back Dat Azz Up| correct spelling or not… Live performance by Juve the Great


  6. Post racial America: The Lie that is

    If one is to think that blacks have a proclivity for crime then it is only right that his adversary is to think that whites have an inherent racist gene. It sounds ridiculous on both accounts doesn’t it? Those two harrowing generalizations are thought processes that people on this planet legitimately hold to be true. However, ever since Barack Obama has been elected as President over our country, many have gone to claim that racism has disappeared due to his very presence in the White House. I, for one, see it as laughable to think that we stay in a post racial society when we have social divisions based upon race and that we have a society afraid to address its issues.

    Race is so entrenched in our society that we subconsciously succumb to it on standardized tests. From there, statistics are generated to perpetuate certain stereotypes about certain races. It’s a small evil that we overlook because it’s seemingly harmless and apart of procedure. Culture is even divided upon race. I get so offended when people attribute all these nonsensical, unimportant phenomena to certain races i.e. twerking and things of that nature. I have no issue with the dance in itself. Hell, it’s a tiny offspring of “urban” music, which has ties to hip-hop. As we all know, hip-hop is almost exclusively for blacks and it’s a crime for anyone of another skin color to partake in said culture. You see the issue with that? Why limit music when music is supposed to overcome limits and boundaries to bring us all together? These situations and thoughts I present are just the tip of the iceberg that is “race” in America.

    With any relationship, communication is the most effective way to handle problems between two parties. If I were to have my way, race would be a negligible factor in life. Sadly, that’s not the case and the two parties in this case are whichever two groups of people who have issues with their race relations. For simplicity’s sake, we will address black vs. white. Media makes it an issue to bring up racism all the time. I am sorry to say but that is the world we live in. I reside in Knoxville, TN and I find it alarming that I have to worry about being called a “nigger” every time a group of white males pass me. It is to the point that I am more surprised when it does not happen. I have friends of many different skin colors who have horrifying stories of situations they have been in. The real kicker is that they have very few outlets to communicate with that actively seek to eradicate racism.

    Racism is a very primitive way of thinking. It’s a very base way to categorize people. Sadly, the media sustains this because it allows us as humans to be easily grouped and controlled. In this day and age, we get more of a rise from celebrity leaked nudes than we do from cold blooded murder of individuals based on their race. Our society is meant to capitalize off of race, not destroy the inherent problems that come with it such as discrimination and prejudices.

    I, myself, have no anger toward people because they are of different skin color. Hell, monochromatic palettes vs a rainbow doesn’t even seem like a fair comparison. We were all randomly thrown on this planet and I fail to see how destroying each other helps to sustain what it is that we call humanity. I’m no scholar; I’m no criminal. At the age of 23, I happen to be an individual that tries my hardest to make acute observations about the world we live in. Simply put, our society has leaps and bounds to go before we can remotely claim to be a post racial haven.


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    Fort Worth by Philip Johnson, Peavey Plaza by M. Paul Friedberg, Vaillancourt Fountain by Arnaud Vaillancourt, Ira Keller Fountain by Angela Danadjieva 

    Fairly certain most (if not all) of these water features will not be built today because they don’t meet safety standards. 

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    Aaron Cohen New Video “Ain’t Shit”
    Directed by Goldrush (@madebygoldrush)

    NEW EP ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ AVAILABLE NOW

    Catch Aaron Cohen on the Smokers Club Tour (Ohio dates!!!)
    Oct. 19 : Cleveland, OH
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    Beats : aaroncohemusic@gmail.com
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