2. Key! - Give Em Hell [Official Video]

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  3. Shoutout @relic90 and @bryandoster for the socks.

    Y’all made brunch too swaggy for a gent.

  4. dolphinhood:

    Debut album from dolphinhood.

    Download album at: dolphinhood.com/sealevel
    See more at: dolphinhood.com

  5. Dolphinhood — “Prelude”

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  6. Debut album from dolphinhood.

    Jimmy Astro & FreddsDEAD

    Production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering:
    Grady Woodruff

    A&R / Artwork:
    Mat Woodruff

    Download album at: http://dolphinhood.com/sealevel

  7. femalemodels:

    Ondria Hardin by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure magazine, September 2014.

  8. femalemodels:

    Antonina Petkovic by Yelena Yemchuk for Elle, September 2014.


  9. AudioUp - The Crew,Queens,and a Kangaroo


    My niggas and niggettes gettin’ live. CANT WAIT TIL THE REAL VID DROPS
  10. Metro Boomin Presents: Good Cook Up Vol. 1

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