1. femalemodels:

    Ondria Hardin by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure magazine, September 2014.

  2. femalemodels:

    Antonina Petkovic by Yelena Yemchuk for Elle, September 2014.


  3. AudioUp - The Crew,Queens,and a Kangaroo


    My niggas and niggettes gettin’ live. CANT WAIT TIL THE REAL VID DROPS
  4. Metro Boomin Presents: Good Cook Up Vol. 1

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  5. So… I made this beat, right. Then I guess at some point I decided I’d write something to it. Then Jimmy wrote something to it. I wrote something else to it and so on, until one day we decided to put our superpowers together and light this track aflame with something like the world had never seen or heard before. Hence comes the forthcoming of the new age.

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  7. Nigga I ain’t worried bout nothin

  8. Most internet haters in real life


  9. Shout out my AUDIO UP and ICK niggas rebloggin this. Ehhh…. This is literally lite work.

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  10. Sometimes you get soooooo focused on life you feel as if your passion is slipping away. Tbh… I’d rather be lonely with my passion than surrounded by friends and normal.